Made Under Duress
is an oldschool hardcore band from the bay area.
Their sound is kind of like old school hardcore punk/crossover
such as S.O.D., and D.R.I. blended with the hardcore of today.
After finishing the full length debut CD "One World Order", the band is now playing live around the S.F. Bay Area and writing new material for the next release. One World Order is now available on CD & cassette.

Lead singer Doug Dillon was not around for a while so when he was free to jam again we had a little party in our old rehearsal room (and the halls, which is why we got da boot) and made a streaming QuickTime 3.0 movie of M.U.D. playing "Dougie Song" in his honor. This is just a short hardcore tune doug wrote about his childhood but short makes for a quick download. Click on Dougie Song Video to check that out. If you do not have the QuickTime plug-in, get it for free at

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